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Purchase Tax Summary
odoo app show Purchase Tax Summary on purchase order screen, purchase tax details on purchase,tax summary on rfq, tax summary on purchase,purchase tax summary on purchase pdf, Purchase tax full details
Product Bundle Pack in Odoo
Combine two or more product pack product kit product bundle product pack item on product combo product on sale bundle product delivery bundle product pack kit combine product combine product variant bundle item pack sales bundle delivery pack bundle
From quotations to invoices
Invoices & Payments
Lacak prospek dan peluang dekat
Situs Web
Enterprise website builder
Stok Persediaan
Manage your stock and logistics activities
Manage financial and analytic accounting
Purchase orders, tenders and agreements
Organize and plan your projects
Sell your products online
Manufacturing Orders & BOMs
Pemasaran Email
Design, send and track emails
Tabel Waktu
Track employee time on tasks
Submit, validate and reinvoice employee expenses
Create and customize your Odoo apps
Document management
Time Off
Allocate time off and follow time off requests
Track your recruitment pipeline
Centralize employee information
Employee Loan Management in Odoo
Apps for HR Employee Loan Management HR Loan request employee loans human resource loan for employee advance salary for employee Loan Request Approval Employee Loan Disbursement Loan Report Loan Proof Loan Policy Employee Loan by Payroll Loan Installments
Gantt View PRO (Enterprise)
Manage and visualise your projects with the fastest Gantt chart on the web.
Ajax Upload File Common
Upload file using ajax on Website.
Survey File Upload - Ajax
Survey Multi File Upload Using Ajax
New User Approval For Multi Website
Facility to approve or reject new signed-up users for Multi website. Get option to allow users sign-in only after email verification.
QR Code Invoice App
Generate QR Code for Invoice
Activity Management Base
Activity Management Odoo, Activity Scheduler Odoo, Manage Project Activity, Manage Employee Activity Module, Manage Supervisor Activity, Filter Completed Activity,filter planned Activity Odoo
Attendance Late/Undertime Information
Manage Employee Attendance Module, Calculate Working Hours App, Track Employee Check-In Time, Track Check-Out Time, Manage Late Comers Employee, Get Attendance Detail Odoo
Import Sale Order Lines from CSV/Excel file
Import Quotation Lines From CSV Module, Import Quotation Lines From Excel App, Import SO Lines From CSV, import SO Lines From XLS, import sales order line from XLSX Odoo
Popup Message
Create Success, warnings, alert message box wizard,success popup message app, alert popup module, email popup module odoo
Sales Excel Reports | Sales Order Excel Reports | Quotation Excel Reports | Sale Excel Report | Sale Orders Excel Report
Merge Excel Report Of Sales Order, Combine Sale Order Excel Report, Mass Excel Report, Bulk Sale Excel Report,Quotation Excel,Excel Report Of Quotation,Print Sale Excel Report,Print Sale Order Excel Report,Download Sale Excel Report Odoo
All in one WhatsApp Integration-Sales, Purchase, Account and CRM
Whatsapp Integration App, Invoice To Customer Whatsapp Module, stock whatsup Whatsapp, Sales Whatsapp App, Purchase Whatsapp, CRM Whatsapp, invoice whatsapp, inventory whatsapp, account whatsup Odoo
Send documents to sign online and handle filled copies
Track, prioritize, and solve customer tickets
Generate recurring invoices and manage renewals
Manage and publish an eLearning platform
Manage your employees' schedule
Data Cleaning
Easily format text data across multiple records. Find duplicate records and easily merge them.
Chat, mail gateway and private channels
Centralize your address book
Schedule employees' meetings
Field Service
Schedule and track onsite operations, time and material
Social Marketing
Manage your social media and website visitors
Assess your employees
Armada kapal
Kelola armada Anda dan pantau biaya kendaraan
Create and validate approvals requests
Publish blog posts, announces, news
All you need to make financial consolidation
Live Chat
Chat with your website visitors
Semua survei
Create surveys and analyze answers
Build your own dashboards
Repair damaged products
Track employee attendance
Use barcode scanners to process logistics operations
Organize your work with memos
Manage a forum with FAQ and Q&A
Skills Management
Kelola kemampuan, pengetahuan, dan ringkasan keahlian pegawai Anda
Manage your employee payroll records
Online Jobs
Manage your online hiring process
Kontrak Karyawan

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Indonesian - Accounting
Multi Language Chart of Accounts