HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 Rack Server
HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 Rack Server
HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 Rack Server

HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 Rack Server

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HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 Rack Server

3106 1P 16GB-R
8SFF 500W PS Ent Server

Say hello to supercomputers

Our line of HP DL380 Gen10 servers redefines computing power. Consistently at the top of the best-seller list, these are the most capable rack servers you can find on the market.
Popular is an understatement. One HP ProLiant server is shipped every 14.6 seconds with over 39.3 million sold, making HPE® the undisputed market share leader. See why the DL380 Gen10 has set the industry standard by solving everything you could ask for in a server.

Major upgrades to improve business

The new DL380 Gen10 blows the earlier generation of servers out of the water, completely surpassing its predecessors in terms of features and design.

Some of the new improvements in the HP ProLiant DL380 include:

  • Chassis intrusion options and enhanced firmware deliver even more security than before
  • Grounding-breaking Persistent Memory shines in terms of performance and reliability
  • Intelligent System Tuning maximizes all the cores with the new Core Boost feature, helping you save money on software licensing costs and improve the performance of your servers
  • A new modular chassis gives your drive greater capacity and flexibility

Performance from Persistent Memory

The HP DL380 Gen10 is built with Persistent Memory, the future of data-intensive workload computing. It’s the first non-volatile dual in-line memory module (NVDIMM) in the market designed around a server platform.

This is a key feature since non-volatile memory refers to memory that’s retained even after the power source is removed by, say, an unexpected power outage. Now you can worry less over lost information. The NVDIMM form factor keeps you covered with persistent storage while resilient technology reliably keeps business data safe.

Groundbreaking accomplishments

On top of security and peace of mind, you’ll find breakthrough performance thanks to the Persistent Memory in the HP ProLiant DL380. Sharpen your competitive edge, find areas to cut costs, and discover new ways to drive revenue with the help of this game-changing breakthrough in memory.

With up to 27 times faster application checkpoint operations and 20 times faster restores, you won’t be able to find quicker persistent memory at the TB-scale on the market. Using memory that’s more resistant to errors might not be important in a desktop environment, but it’s absolutely critical for servers.

It could result in the loss of proprietary data or a patient’s sensitive medical records. Such errors could be altogether devastating.

A server that thinks for it self

Intelligent System Tuning in the DL380 Gen10 enables dynamic server configuration so you can match specific workloads to achieve greater performance, efficiency, and control. Jitter Smoothing, Workload Matching, and Core Boosting are three features that work together to make your server run at its smoothest.

Tailor your server to your business’s demands. With compatibility to operating environments such as Azure, Docker, and ClearOS, the HP DL380 Gen10 provides solutions spanning across all industries.

Invest in your business’s future

The HP ProLiant DL380 G10 2U Rack Server with 4 cores is the entry-level enterprise server, but you can find a DL380 Gen10 with as many as 20 cores to crunch massive data sets. With 16GB, 32GB, or a whopping 64GB of memory, there’s no computing task these rack servers can’t handle.

The beauty of the HP DL380 Gen10 is that it can grow alongside your business. Invest in the storage you need now and expand when your success reaches new heights. With a new modular drive bay featuring a ton of configuration options, increasing space is no problem at all.

You’ll also find support for three double wide or five single wide graphics processing units (GPU) for workload acceleration when it becomes time.

The redesigned HPE Smart Array Controllers give you the flexibility to choose the optimal server controller for your environment, while different standup adapters let you select networking bandwidth.

Superior processing power

No matter what size you select in memory or the number of cores you choose, this line of HP servers offers support for the Intel® Xeon® scalable processor family. Offering world class performance, these processors are workload-optimized and designed to support hybrid cloud infrastructures.

Business demands the fastest access to data, and you need the most resilient technology that can handle the most demanding workloads.

Intel can accomplish even the most intense applications while optimizing interconnectivity. The focus is on speed without ever compromising data security. You want solutions that are built around the processes and applications at the core of your business. The HP DL380 Gen10 is fast, reliable, and designed with your workload in mind.

Innovations in security

Benefit from major firmware anchored directly into the silicon of the HP ProLiant DL380. The Silicon Root of Trust links the silicon to the Integrated Lights Out firmware to alleviate fears of data breaches.

Millions of lines of firmware code run before the operating system boots. If compromised code is detected, HP Secure Recovery allows the firmware to roll back to its last known good state.


  • HPE DL380 Gen10 Intel® Xeon-Bronze 3106 (1.7GHz/8-core/85W) FIO Processor Kit


  • 16 GB RDIMM DR 2600 MT/s (1x 16 GB)

Network Controller

  • HPE 1Gb Ethernet 4-Port 331i Adapter

Storage Controller

  • Embedded 14-Port S100i (SATA only)

Hard Drive

  • None ship standard

Internal Storage

  • 8 SFF Chassis (upgradeable to 24 SFF front + 6SFF rear) HPE Smart Array S100i (SATA only)

Optical Drive Bay

  • Optional Universal Media Bay (826708-B21)

PCI Slots

  • 3-slots (x8, x16, x8) as standard

Power Supply

  • 1x 500W HPE FlexSlot Power Supply


  • 4-standard fans


  • HPE iLO Standard with Intelligent Provisioning (embedded), HPE OneView Standard (requires download); HPE iLO Advanced, 
  • HPE iLO Advanced Premium Security Edition and HPE OneView Advanced (require licenses)

Energy Star

  • 2.1 certified

Form Factor

  • Rack (2U), HP Easy Install Rails with CMA


  • Server Warranty includes 3-Year Parts, 3-Year Labor, 3-Year Onsite support with 4-Hour and 24 x 7

Hard Drive (SATA)

  • HPE 1TB SATA 7.2K SFF SC 512e DS HDD

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